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2020: Paper in nature ecology & evolution 
 is out (using a bit of spatial econometrics).

Wiscocki, P.A., P. Kennelly, I.R. Rivera, P. Cassey, M.L. Burkey, and D. Hanley. “The global

distribution of avian eggshell colours suggest a thermoregulatory benefit of darker pigmentation.” Nature Ecology & Evolution, Jan. 2020 pp. 148-155. Link

My Game Theory Book is out and is doing well, thank you for your support! Check out for more information, and a free sample chapter.

Or, here is an article describing the findings <click> 

Office Hours

Spring 2021 Office Hours

Monday            11am-1pm

Tuesday           11am-1pm         

or by appointment. These office hours will normally be virtual.

Office: 143 Merrick Hall
Phone: (336) 285-3332
Fax: (336) 256-2055

Spring, 2021

Econ 200: Intro Micro

Econ 311: Intermediate Microeconomics

Courses I sometimes teach: 

Econ 205: Intro Stats

Econ 210: Advanced Stats

Econ 290: Data Skills for Economists

Econ 314: Econometrics

Econ 690: Law and Economics

BS, Appalachian State University
MA, Ph.D., Duke University

Current Research Interests
Geographic Accessibility
Biofuels Markets
HMOs and Moral Hazard
Factor Analysis and Latent Variables 
Economics of Travel Costs, Transportation, and Migration
Public Choice: Campaign Contributions and Voting Patterns

Intersection Safety

Red Light Camera Study, 2004 Update

Response to IIHS Criticisms of Burkey & Obeng (2004) 

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WFMY: Unemployment Rate 2012

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