Gini Coefficients

Professor Mark L. Burkey

Information on the Gini Coefficient

and Income Inequality

The information here has been used by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Cited by a World Bank report. It used to be located at , but it has been moved here for safekeeping.

Update: People have been asking me about Census 2010 Gini Coefficieints.

Please see my YouTube video explaining why there won't be any, and where to get some substitutes. See , or here is the direct link:

I have found it difficult to find Gini coefficients to discuss in class and use in my research, so I created this page to help other teachers and researchers.

If you find this information helpful or have suggestions or corrections, please let me know!

-Mark L. Burkey

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Excel file with Gini coefficients for all US Counties, US States, and for several Countries. US Ginis were calculated using Household Income groupings from the 2000 Census.

Ginis For US.XLS

Word Document Showing how the Ginis were calculated.

Gini coefficients documentation.doc

PowerPoint file on Gini Coefficients and Lorenz Curves

Gini IncomeInequality.ppt